liam vocal gymnastics



Just a compilation of Liam doing pretty stuff with his throat (circa 6/18-7/02) — credit: x / x / x / x

Liam’s voice is spectacular in so many ways and I think I’ve talked ad nauseum about most of them and really this is a fantastic collection of everything he’s great at: solid, assured verses with perfectly centered pitch even in an arena of screaming fans, strong, unfailingly precise falsetto that can carry a melody or an equally pleasing but lighter and airier falsetto slotted smoothly on a harmony, a well-supported, powerful belt with surprising range and the ability to glide between any of the above seamlessly.

But what really deserves credit here is something I think I ramble about somewhat less. He’s either an intuitive singer or a smart one - either way he gets music. The changes to the song go beyond adding a run or going up instead of down at the end of a line - it’s the small trills in the middle of a phrase or the decision to pull back into head voice instead of full voice that really make his live vocals just fucking delightful to listen to. Though what truly displays his intuition is how he creates entirely new complementary harmony lines on the fly. And not just one different line, but multiple variations that never once fall into discord.

Basically, Liam is really talented in very quiet, non-showy ways and I want the entire world to recognize that like he’s belting fifteen second glory notes.